Faculty Panel of KapMan Life Science Academy, New Delhi
KapMan Academy believes in quality without any compromise. Our teachers are lighthouse for students which play a big role in shaping our gem stones into shining diamonds. Our Faculty members are experienced in various fields of research and teaching. We have a dedicated faculty for each subject which provide in-depth knowledge of each subject to our students making them prepared for CSIR NET, GATE and MSc Exams in Life Science, Food-technology and Biotechnology. We salute our teachers for their dedication towards research and nation.


Dr. Krisha Sharma

(Founder and CEO) 

7 years Experience in Research and Teaching.

Expertise in Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology,

PhD from Delhi University in Plant Molecular Biology. 


Dr. Sandeep Kundu


7 years Experience in Teaching and Research.

Expertise in Applied Science and Biotechnology,

PhD from MDU, Rohtak in Biotechnology


Dr. Aakash Partap Singh

5 years experience in Teaching and Research.

Expertise in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. 

PhD from IGIB, Delhi 


Dr. Ayush Attery (Adviser)

6 years experience in Research and Teaching.

Expertise in Cancer Biology, Evolution and Immunology.

PhD from NII, Delhi in Cancer and T-Cell Biology 


Dr. Sandeep Choudhary


6 years Experience in Research and Teaching.

Expertise in Immunology, Bioprocessing and Biotechniques.

PhD from DRDO, Delhi in Radiation Biology and Cancer Biology


Dr. Neha Mam 

More than 6 years experience

in Teaching.

Expertise in Plant Physiology, Recombinant DNA Technology and Genetics.

PhD from Delhi University in Botany


Dr. M. Sharma

8 years of Research and Teaching Experience. 

Expertise in Molecular Biology, Immunology, Ecology and Animal Physiology.

PhD from CSIR in Cancer Biology.