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KapMan Life Science Academy provides the Best online Mock test series for  GATE XL/XE exclusive for food technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and chemistry
Join the test series now starting from 1499/- INR*  
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GATE - Life Sciences (XL/XE-Foodtechnology) Online Mock Test Series for GATE 2023

GATE Online Test Series is good way to assess yourself and validate your preparation for GATE Life Science Exam. Preparation is not complete without the challenging test Series. KapMan Academy always advice that it is better to assess yourself through a proper & dedicated test series for GATE Exam. Only reading and studying without test assessment is not a very good decision during the exam preparation. 

KapMan Academy provides a challenging & comprehensive online test series for GATE biotechnology & GATE Life Science Exam  Our Online Test Series includes-

  • -Unit Wise test - 15-20

  • -Full Online Mock test -5

  • -doubt sessions

GATE - XL online mock test series covers all important topics for GATE Exams such as microbiology, foodtechnology, immunology, biochemistry and chemistry. It also cover questions from previous years GATE Biotech and GATE life science papers.

Online test series is prepared by our GATE experts and hardworking faculties at KapMan Academy. Our Faculty team prepare this test series to match the level of actual GATE Exam. There is lot of similarity between GATE Exam MCQs and Online Test Series MCQs.

In ALL INDIA ONLINE MOCK TEST SERIES , a lot of students appear for exam and we release all India ranking to boost your confidence and manage your preparation for GATE Life Science Exam. KapMan Academy also provide free guidance and consulting for GATE Biotech Life Science Exam to help out the GATE Aspirants. 

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Online Mock Test Series for CSIR UGC NET (life sciences) - 2023 Exam -Coming soon

CSIR UGC NET Exam for Life Science stream is near and we are assuming that all CSIR NET Aspirants are doing fine for exam preparation. Before you go to actual CSIR NET JRF 2020 Exam , It s advisable to take proper assessment and check your preparation for CSIR NET JRF June and Dec 2020  Exam via our dedicated Online Test Series for CSIR UGC NET Life Science Exam. KapMan Academy prepared this all 13 unit wise online test series for CSIR UGC NET Exam. 

Our Online Test Series includes-

  • - Unit wise Online Tests covering all 13 units (13 Tests)

  • - Complete Online Mock Test Series  (10 tests)

  • - All India NET Online Mock Test Series or AIN-MTS(10 Tests)  

Our CSIR NET Online Mock test series includes and covers all 13 units in the syllabus of CSIR UGC NET LS Exam. Our experienced faculty prepare this Online test series after research on previous years questions asked in CSIR UGC NET Exams held before. Our test series match the level of actual Online exam of UGC NET CSIR  and makes the preparation easy for NET aspirants. 

Every questions has an explanation for understanding the concept in-depth. This enhance the learning power of students to study the concept thoroughly.

Benefits of Online Test Series 

1. All units are covered in unit wise tests

2. MCQs match the level of CSIR NET Exam

3. PYQ (previous years questions) are included 

4. Prepared by the facutly who already crack CSIR NET JRF exam

5. AIN-MTS rank tells about your place all over India 



You can register for Online Test Series for NET by calling us or WhatsApp us at +91-70157-96132 or Click below to Register 

 Instructions for GATE and CSIR NET Online test series(Read very carefully)
a. Test date (Only AIN-MTS and AIG-MTS) (Every Mock test remains active for max 48 hours).
b. You can only give test for the test during this period.

c. You can attempt for test 2 times ( only in the case of failed connectivity or other techniqal issues)
d. Once you start the Mock test, you have to complete Mock test or your attempt will not be calculated.

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