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Books for GATE Food Technology and Tips for How to Crack GATE Food Technology Exam

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

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If you are a B.Tech or MSc in Food Technology then you are eligible for the GATE Foodtechnology exam. GATE exam is a prestigious exam in field of life science. You can opt out for the exam in the following streams-

- GATE XL or Life Science

- GATE XE or Engineering Science

If you are opting out the 1st option in life science then you have to pick any two subjects from the following subjects and two compulsory subjects i.e. Chemistry and General aptitude.

A. Foodtechnology

B. Microbiology

C. Biochemistry

D. Zoology

E. Botany

Once you have decided the subject you want to pursue for GATE Foodtechnology Exam you can now eligible to ask a question – How to Crack GATE Food technology exam? Here KapMan Academy explains the ways and tricks by which you can crack this GATE food technology exam.

1. Print the syllabus of GATE food technology in you study room.

2. Second question is which books are good for GATE Food technology. Here are the list of Books for GATE Food technology

a. Food technology- Prescott’s Microbiology, Principles of Food Chemistry by John M. Deman, Introduction to Food Engineering by Paul Singh.

b. Microbiology- Prescott’s Microbiology

c. Biochemistry – Principles of Biochemistry by Lehninger

d. Botany – Taiz and Zeiger,

e. Zoology- Human physiology by Tortora, Ecology by Odum

You can also visit our website or call us at +91-70157-96132 to know about our dedicated study package for GATE food technology so that you don’t have to study all these books.

3. Read the topics syllabus wise and make proper notes of each topic

4. Now highlight the topics which you have covered in the syllabus of GATE food technology

5. Practice the MCQs for each topic and refer the books again to confirm you doubts

6. You can also opt out for Online test series dedicated for GATE food technology provided by KapMan Academy

7. Revise the topics you read every week.

8. Remember...! Discipline and consistency are the keys of success. Don’t ever break your routine study work and stick to the plan.

Still have any doubt regarding the GATE preparation for food technology? Please call or whatsapp at +91-70157-96132 or visit us at

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