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Food-Technology and Food Science- A Way of Futuristic Life

Food-Technology is the part of applied science which is concerned for study of food.

It is not just a chemistry or food, but it is an amalgam of various disciplines of science such as biochemistry, technology, engineering, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, health science and nutritional science which clearly indicating the how bright is the future in Food-technology.

Hello students,

Welcome to KapMan Academy, Myself Dr. Krisha Sharma, Managing director and Co-founder of KapMan Life Science Academy, New Delhi.

In this blog we will see the insights of career prospective of Food-technology and future of Food-technology in India.

Our society has evolved over the time from generations and in the same way the food we eat as well as our food habits. Healthy food plays a major role in healthy lifestyle especially in modern stressful world. In India, we need more processing plant and more technology for food for a large population.

This field play a major role in the information about the food providing to the customers. Food scientists and technologist are joining hands for advancement in food-technology to ensure the healthy food supply to India.

Food technology and food processing in India

India is rapidly growing country with a large population more than 130 crore. Here people work for more than 10 hours for bread and butter. With a large number of people, there is increase in demand of food as well as processed food. Also there is growing awareness among the people for organic food and naturally processed food.

India also has one of the best food technology institute and colleges which provide great human resource for the support of food-processing industry in India.

Here is a look on the career objectives in food technology in India and How you can be selected in best colleges and institutes for food technology.

The Top Job Areas - Marketing or Quality Assurance Firms, Production Management Companies, Logistics Department, Research and Development Centers, Hotels and Restaurants etc.

Top Job Companies -MTR Foods Limited, Amul, Dabur India Ltd., Godrej India Limited, Nestle India Pvt. Ltd., Hindustan Unilever Limited, Cadbury India Limited etc.

Top Job Positions - Food Technologist, Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Home Economists, Research Scientists, Head Engineer, Production Manager, Recruiters etc.

Students can also pursue jobs as Food Technologist, Organic Chemists, Production Manager etc. in various govt. or private organizations.

Career prospective for the Food Technology students:-

1. Students who are graduating or post graduating in Food Technology can move forward in laboratory-based research careers in clinical or technical roles involving research or they can also move into non-research careers.

2. Large number of job opportunities are rising every year for those who want to pursue their studies in the field of Food Technology.

3. Students can apply for various jobs such as Production Managers, Food Development Manager, Food Packaging Manager, Food Safety Auditors etc.

4. Food Technology graduates can also apply for a job as a food blog writer and write articles for magazines, journals, books and television shows.

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