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KapMan Academy Explains Top 10 ways for How to Crack CSIR UGC NET JRF Exam in Just 4-5 months

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

1. Usually It took 4-5 months for CSIR NET JRF Exam while studying 4-5 hours per day regularly. Don’t think you can crack the CSIR NET JRF Exam without studying hard.

2. If you are still in MSc then go for reference books. There are countless books for CSIR NET JRF in Life Science or biotechnology. You can visit for reference

3. Make a list of your comfort zones i.e. prepare a list of your strong topics but remember Cell biology, Biochemistry and Molecular biology are the base of CSIR NET JRF Exam and cannot be excluded from your list.

4. Now start from Biochemistry and then Cell biology and so on as per your comfort.

5. After completion of every topic just make notes of topic and try to rehearsal MCQs infusing this as a habit.

6. Every Exam not only necessitates hard work but also need appropriate guidance and patience. So ask for help to your senior or student who already cracked this exam.

7. Always craft the habit of preparing hand written notes because brain memorizes better when we write repetitively.

8. Now try to read your handwritten notes, books can be study optionally for revision if you have plenty of time. Also if you study extra information on topics already studied then make a sticky note and paste it on your note book

9. Systematic study of 7-8 units is necessary and try to read this in-depth. Dont try to cover all the syllabus and units. Beware of it else you will get nothing but stress.

10. Every week, review the Topics you have completed and Assess how well you have studied the topics. If you found missing yourself in a particular topic, go back and study that topic again either in your notes or in reference books provided on the our website

Bonus. Hydrate yourself well (drink plenty of water or juice) and Take suitable diet for essential nutrients to your brain and take proper rest for proper functioning

(Avoid heavy meal it induces sleep)...!

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