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How to Master GATE exam preparation Mistakes before they eliminate you during the GATE exam.

Dr. Krisha Sharma, Director, KapMan Academy

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Students always worries about how they are not able to crack the GATE-life sciences exam with an impressive rank. Even they study hard and with full mind-set then why they are not able to qualify GATE-Exam. This blog can help them to find out the mistakes they do during the exam preparation. Pin down your mistakes from this list and correct them with your ability to achieve anything. If we have missed or left the any particular mistake or cause which you have experienced personally during your studies and not listed here write that in the comment section.

  1. Lack of defined goal can be a barrier to your preparation. So many course choices can reduce your energy and stamina, therefore instead of focusing on multiple courses and subjects, focus all your energy on one goal.

  2. Absence of self discipline is the one of the biggest problem in everyone's life. Therefore, become ruthless about your disciplines. Make sure you follow your set disciplines properly and strictly.

  3. Poor health means having compromised health because of improper eating habits and poor hygiene can be a major barrier to your preparation. Therefore, eat healthy foods and maintain proper hygiene for healthy body , mind and soul so that you can focus on your study without any problems.

  4. Lack of perseverance is one of the reason of all failures especially in the national level exam preparations such as GATE exam. Students start their study with full energy and stamina but not able finish it with the same which leads to the failure in exams. Therefore, you need to be a good beginner as well as good finisher.

  5. Negative thoughts - Stay away from the things which inspires negativity in you. Fill your eyes, mind and soul with positive thoughts that whatever the worst condition will come they all will pass.

  6. Lack of right decisions can be a cause to your failure. Be determined for your goal nothing else matters. Students needs to improve and master this quality in them.

  7. Time is money - Keep that in mind your time during the preparations is very much valuable. So, make sure you use your time wisely without wasting it in outings, partying and watching TV.

  8. Wrong selection of notes can become an major cause to your failure in exams. Reading content from multiple sources and unnecessary topics can make you confuse regarding your topics and will also waste your valuable time. Therefore, students needs to make sure their sources of studies are authentic, syllabus oriented and time saving.

9. Habit of comparing with other students can cause you underestimate your will power and loose your confidence so never compare yourself with others. Keep that in mind that all the students have their own pace of learning abilities. Have faith in yourself and keep going.

10. Guessing techniques can definitely will lead to your failure. Students always guess their answers in exams instead of thinking the answers logically, it happens due to lack of knowledge for the respective topics or incomplete study. So you need to stop guessing answers and try to improve your week topics more.

11. Lack of time organization is a key to most of the students failure. They fails to organize there time properly.

12. Overconfidence - Some times students studying only for one time gets them under the impression that they know everything about the topics which leads to the silly mistakes during exams.

13. Lack of practice and revision - Remember consistent study and revision will leads you to your clear and doubtless topics. And related questions practice will make your topics more strong. So, Revise as much as you can and after every revision practice the questions because practice will make your master of your topics.

14. Finally, keep that in mind Passion, Discipline and Persistence are your only keys to qualify GATE- exam. If you lack these you wont be able to qualify. Under this ,name or comment any particular cause of failure from which you have suffered that has not listed in the foregoing list.

Thanks and regards

Dr. Krisha Sharma,


KapMan Academy

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