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How to stay energetic and highly spirited during the GATE exam preparation

Dr. Krisha Sharma, Director, KapMan Academy

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Students always complains that they feel very tired and sleepy as they start to study their GATE exam topics. Because of this they were never able to finish their GATE exam topics in time. They also complains about laziness and procrastination during practice and revision of topics. These are also the reasons most of the aspirants are not able to qualify the GATE-life sciences exam with an impressive rank. Even they decide to study hard and with full mind-set but when they start preparation their spirit goes down as the time goes. This article can help them to find out that passionate fire, they need to care about during the GATE exam preparation.

  • Morning exercise

Prepare yourself for the whole day in the morning and you can not do that if you are half awakened. So, wake your whole body especially your brain. You can do this by performing some morning movements like going to walk, drinking water, doing yoga or some energetic dance. Because if your body will move then blood in your body will also circulate with some interesting molecules which helps to keep you awake. Therefore, always perform some exercise in the morning so that your body, brain and soul can work properly and rhythmically whole day.

  • Stay in natural light

Most of the times students choose their study places in the dark corners and near the bed. This choice can make their preparation week because in the dark our body always try to relax which leads to sleep in the nearby bed. So, always chose the study places near the natural light source (for example - near the windows) and especially away from your bed. Natural light will always gives you the mind signals that its not the time to sleep so keep studying.

  • Avoid heavy meals

Heavy meals if we say can also cause the low energies during the day. Always follow 80 % rule of eating which is never fill your stomach to the fullest it can leads to the stomach aches, laziness, sleepiness and uneasiness during the day. Keep your stomach 20 % empty. So, always take small meals instead of large ones and avoid eating the foods which makes you sleepy.

  • Go for a walk

If you feel lazy and sleepy during your GATE exam preparation then stand up and go for a walk. Walking will increase the blood circulation again and will activate your body. Whatever happens do not go to sleep, prepare your mind for this.

  • Avoid poisonous foods

In this fancy and fast growing world we always prefer processed foods to refuel ourselves but actually they are the slow and sweet poisons which can make your body fat, sick and unable to work properly. So, replace your processed foods with healthy foods such as salads, nuts and fruits. They will help you to stay healthy and energetic throughout the day without gaining any body weight.

  • Take small breaks

If you can study for the longer duration its very impressive but it can also increase the tiredness, back pain, shoulder pain and mind exhaustion. If you want to stay young and healthy for the longer time then practice taking small breaks (1-5 minutes only). Within this period you can practice stretching of your body and drinking water. It will help you to regain your energy.

  • Stay hydrated

Always stay hydrated. Keep that in mind that our body needs water for the various type of bodily metabolic activities if you are not drinking enough water then you are slowing down your body metabolism which will leads to stress. So, always give your body cells enough water to nourish so that they can work efficiently without any problems.

  • Upbeat music exercise

Some studies shows that listening to upbeat music can also help in awakening the body. So, if you are a music lover then listen to those tunes which makes you to get up from your bed. Whenever you feel lazy just go for music, move your body a bit and start studying again. You will feel energetic again.

  • Stay away from the distractions

In the fast growing world important technologies are being produced day by day which are important for the growth and some of these technologies keep students busy in browsing selfie videos, pictures, movies and series. We are talking about Phones and TVs. They could be major distraction during your crucial time of preparation. So, Stay away from all these distractions and use these technologies for your good purpose like watching study related and education related content.

  • Remember your why

Whenever you feel low spirited always remember why you started this GATE exam journey. Your why is the sole answers to all your doubts. It will keep you studying efficiently. Your why could be getting a good salary job, helping your family financially and doing something challenging in your life. Find your why and remember it why on the first place you chose this tough path. It will always keep you awake and highly spirited.

  • Just eat the frog

During the exam preparation we face some topics which does not interests us and because of that either we skip them or do not study them properly. Only answer to this is that you don't have to conquer that topic but you have to conquer your final GATE exam. And that won't be possible if you will not go through these boring topics. So, just go through it because if you won't you will loose your rank in exam.

  • Practice SRP

Always practice SRP rule (study, revise and practice). It will help you boost up your confidence in the topics. Whenever you finish your topics go through some practice questions to asses your grasp on the topics.

  • Be ruthless to your timetable

Be ruthless to yourself during your GATE exam studies. Always remind yourself whatever happens in the world you are not going to give up your dreams. Stick to your timetable and finish your GATE exam study. Remember today's hardwork is going to bring happiness and success in your life forever.

  • Get a good night's sleep

Most of the important reasons you feel lazy and sleepy during the day is that you don't take good night's sleep properly. Always remember your brain needs to be refueled after whole day's work. For that you need proper soundful sleep. So, always sleep 6-7 hours in night, this way you won't feel sleep deprived during the day.

Finally, keep that in mind Passion, Discipline and Persistence are your only keys to qualify GATE- exam. If you lack these you wont be able to qualify. Under this ,name or comment any particular cause of failure from which you have suffered that has not listed in the foregoing list.

Thanks and regards

Dr. Krisha Sharma,


KapMan Academy

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