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Important Topics You Should Not Miss to Crack CSIR NET Exam in Life Science- Part 2

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Your own guide and a leader in CSIR NET Exam coaching platform, KapMan Academy, make a list of very important topics which is must prepared if you are a CSIR UGC NET JRF aspirant. At the end we also provide the list of reference books for preparation of this exam.

In this part 2 here are some important units and topics covered under these units for crack and preparation for CSIR UGC NET exam.

Plant physiology

An important unit for CSIR NET Exam as well very scoring unit is plant physiology. Although mostly non-botany student may feel uncomfortable in this unit but trust us, it is very easy to understand and not so difficult to catch the concept.

Important subtopics in this topic are:

  • Photosynthesis, PS I , PS II, CAM, C3 cycle , C4 cycle, Photorespiration, ETC, Cyclic photophosphorylation, Non-cyclic photophosphorylation

  • Stress hormone, Stress types, Biotic and Abiotic stress, Stress pathways

  • Plant growth hormones, their biosynthetic pathways, precursor and function

  • Flowering model such as ABC model. Genetic regulation of ABC pathways

  • Nitrogen Cycle, Nitrogen metabolism, Biological nitrogen fixation pathways, gene regulation of these pathways , Symbiotic relationship

  • Secondary metabolites, Biosynthesis and there role

  • Photobiology, phytochromes, photoperiodism, cryptochrome

Animal Physiology

Not all topic of this unit is must to cover but it may be scoring for students coming from zoology or medical background.

Common topic you must prepare for scoring in very less time for CSIR NET JRF Exam are:

  • Neurotransmitters, membrane and action potential , You also can link this topic you covered in membrane transport and function.

  • Neuroendocrine system, Role of different hormone in behavior

  • Hemoglobin and myoglobin structure and function , Oxygen binding curve with both, Left and right shift curve

  • Reproduction hormone, gametogenesis

  • Neuromuscular junction and muscle movement

  • Adaption biology, adaption at high temperature, low temperature and high altitude


This unit can carry around 20-25 marks. More or less this unit asked upto 12th class level and you can start prepare from 11th and 12th NCERT . Mostly questions asked from this are theoretical and numerical.

Here are important subtopics in this unit are:

  • Pedigree analysis of different disorders

  • Pleiotropy, Crossing over, gene linkage, ABO blood group,

  • Major Mendelian disorders and enzymes affected in them

  • Chromosomal disorder and syndrome, characteristics of different syndromes

  • Chromosome duplication , inversion , translocation, ploidy types

  • Microbial genetics, transduction, Conjugation, transformation , gene mapping

  • Chromosome mapping of fruit fly

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Reference Book for Plant physiology

Plant Physiology, by Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger

Reference Book for Animal physiology

Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology

Reference Book for Genetics

Principles of Genetics by Snustad and Simmons

KapMan Academy is a pioneer in Online Mock test series and provide a crisp and short Notes to prepare above topics to crack the CSIR NETJRF Exam. KapMan Academy also provide the Online coaching courses for CSIR NET JRF Life Science. For more information visit us at or call our helpline number 70157-96132

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