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Top 15 Research Institutes and Universities for Phd In India

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Eligible candidates who has qualified CSIR NET JRF exam can apply in following Institutes and Universities for PhD all over in India.

1. IISc, Bengaluru

2. Delhi University , New Delhi

3. NIPGR, New Delhi

4. ICGEB, New Delhi

5. NII, New Delhi

6. NIV, Pune

7. IIT, New Delhi

8. CCMB Hyderabad

9. BHU, Banaras

10. JNU, New Delhi

11. IGIB, New Delhi

12. IARI, New Delhi

13. CSIR-IHBT, Palampur

14. CSIR- IIIM, Jammu

15. CDRI, Lucknow

These institutes and universities prefer the CSIR NET JRF exam qualified candidates for research. To know how to crack CSIR NET JRF exam, visit us at or call our helpline number: 70157-96132.

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