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Top 14 tips and tricks For How To Crack GATE BT, GATE-XL or Food technology Exams

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

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GATE BT, XL or XE or commonly called GATE biotechnology ,life science and food technology respectively are conducted by IITs in India and it is a very prestigious Exam in India for M.Tech in IITs and NITs. GATE is a national level exam and it takes very hard work as well dedication to crack GATE the exam.

Minimum Eligibility for GATE Exam

Degree- B.E or B.Tech in Biotechnology or Life Science or food technology.

Maximum age limit- No age limit for Exam

Here KapMan provides some tips and tricks for GATE BT which can help students to crack the GATE exam in a very simple way and can come handy in each and every type of exams.

1. Know the syllabus for GATE Exam

The first thing you should know about is the syllabus of GATE if you are preparing for GATE Biotechnology or Life Science or food technology exam. You can visit the IITs website or click here to download the GATE BT or Life Science or food technology updated Syllabus in PDF format.

2. GATE BT syllabus comes in seven parts mainly Such as :

Engineering Mathematics



Cell and Molecular Biology

RDT or Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Immunology and techniques

Bioprocess engineering

3. Make a proper plan and you should be very clear how much portion of the GATE Syllabus you must cover. For example, Out of the given seven topics, you must prepare at least 4-5 topics thoroughly.

4. Start your topics from the Biochemistry – Cover the below topics of biochemistry from a reference book. You can visit here for reference books for GATE BT .

5. Read all topics given in syllabus of GATE and make proper notes of all topics. In GATE BT Biochemistry should not be skipped at any cost.

6. Second topic you should choose is cell biology as it is important to understand the molecular biology and immunology. Without this topic you will feel troublesome to read the molecular biology. Most important book for cell biology of GATE is Prescott’s Microbiology.

7. Now you can proceed for microbiology or molecular biology as per your comfort and command on subjects. For these both topics, you can also read Prescott’s Microbiology book.

8. Google, Facebook or telegram channels can be good platform for discussion so that you can ask your doubt on Telegram (Telegram Channel Name-KapMan Academy). You can also visit our telegram channel for daily discussion and free MCQs for preparation of GATE Exam

9. It is always good to take an advice from the students or persons who already qualified GATE BT Exam or you can ask our expert to get free guidance and consultancy for tips for How to crack GATE Exam. You can Telegram or call us at +91-70157-96132 . We provide the guidance free of cost with zero charge..!

10. Analytical techniques part should not be skipped if you want to score properly in GATE Exam. This topic is very important to score while easy to understand. It’s better to prepare this topic by giving mock test series or solving previous year papers. For free online Mock test series in GATE exam you can call us on the given number or Click here to get it .

11. Read the topic RDT or biotechnology from the T.A Brown’s RDT. This book includes every topic of biotechnology that is important for GATE Biotechnology exam or you can choose KapMan Study material for the GATE exam preparation. Both plant and animal biotechnology has equal weightage for GATE Exam. Again, it is necessary to prepare this topic by giving online mock test series or by solving previous year papers for GATE BT.

12. Make a daily and weekly plan for your preparation. Make a chart for it and give yourself a deadline. Complete your target on daily basis and weekly basis. Asses yourself on weekly basis by solving the MCQs for GATE BT.

13. Bioprocessing engineering topic can be covered from the book by Shuler and Kargl. This book cover most of the topics for GATE BT Exam.

14. Never underestimate the power of mathematics. Prepare this topic on weekly basis at least. GATE BT Exam need proper management, guidance and dedication and hence our experienced faculty provide free guidance.

KapMan Academy also provide the short and crisp notes as well study material which cover almost all syllabus for GATE BT Exam. By reading this notes and books you can crack GATE BT Exam in very less time and effacement manner. Click here for Study package for GATE BT

KapMan Academy also provide the online courses for GATE BT at very affordable fee structure. You can register you seat by just a single call or message on Telegram at +91-70157-96132 or Contact Us

KapMan Academy wish you all the very best for GATE Exam and bright future.

Go and Crack that…!


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