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Top 7 CSIR-NET-JRF Life Science exam preparation strategies, tricks and rules or 70157-96132

As we all know CSIR-NET-JRF exam is not an easy exam to crack. We got so many emails, messages and calls from the students regarding their problems, they are facing during CSIR- NET-JRF exam preparation.

One day, one student came to me and asked Mam I had taken the admission at KapMan academy and I am passionate about research field and fully determined to crack the CSIR-NET-JRF exam within the given period. But I have no Idea how to prepare for it. I try to follow my rules but feel lethargic and do not go much far. So, could you suggest something so that I can prepare for the exam without any hurdles.

I was happy to see the enthusiasm in him about his studies and decided to help him. So, I asked him, what kind of rules he follows ? so that we do not change them all but add some new rules. So, he told me most of the time his focus remains on study. So, he make sure that he remain focused and also avoids social media, TV channels, outing with friends and parties. But doing all of this he feels something is missing he is not doing it in right way.

I praised him and told him that he is already in a good path but definitely needed some more motivation and organization so that you do not feel tired or bored during your study time.

I told him to listen and follow some of my rules which I followed during my study time and now they are part of my life as well.

1. Believe in yourself.

I suggested him before going to decide anything you should have faith and trust in yourself. that is the most important thing if you believe you can achieve or accomplish your target, definitely one day you will. When you get up in the morning do not start it boring way but start it by exciting way. Do meditation for more focus and concentration, talk in cheerful way to your family, do home exercise for few minutes. Do not jump directly to your study table from the bed. prepare yourself for the rest of the day otherwise you will feel tired rest of the day. Before starting your study say few things to yourself loudly, You are the winner and you will accomplish your goal, You are the winner and you will accomplish your goal, You are the winner and you will accomplish your goal, You are the winner and you will accomplish your goal.

2. Avoid distractions.

That is the good thing that you already avoid major things like social media, TV, parties and gathering because most of the time they are the major cause for not studying effectively. With that you also need to avoid one more thing which can be a problem during your preparation which is "Overthinking and negative thinking". When you are alone these problems seems to appear from nowhere and lower your confidence to do anything. If you feel anything like that first thing to do try to avoid and block them, do not think about that issue which is causing you problem and second stop doing everything and do some breathing exercises so you feel relaxed again. And if they do not work seek help from your family and teacher's here.

3. Know about your Challenge

You should know about your challenge or exam which is CSIR-NET-JRF in this case. Study its syllabus well, Track the questions patterns from the previous years papers of CSIR NET JRF life science and try to solve them. Also have information about CSIR-NET-JRF what kind of exam is this ? what kind of problems you can face during preparation?

3. Organize your time

Do not waste time because "time is valuable" . Always keep track of your time, if you feel stuck in one of your topic during preparations do not stop their for long time go to another topic and study that. Plan your day , make schedule of topics which you will study today and do it for whole time during the preparation. Give yourself time to asses your studies so you could know what topic is need to repeat again and plan accordingly.

4. Set your goals

Always keep your goal in mind do not get distracted. Write it on the paper and stick it on your study table. And always stick to your schedules. Finish your days target on time and repeat that on the same day so you can track your topics improvements.

5. Follow SRP rule (KapMan Academy's 1st rule)

Yes, follow SRP rule, which is STUDY, REVISION and PRACTICE. Make sure you choose right or authentic books or study material for your CSIR-NET-JRF exam (KapMan Academy e-study material or offline study package) and study each and every topic very thoroughly and then asses yourself by taking practice tests. If you feel unsatisfied with yourself revise the topics again and practice them by taking self-assessment tests and repeat it again and again for coming months. You should know that its not an easy exam so you have to determined and kind of drown yourself in the respective study realm.

6. Never give up.

Keep In mind that life is always about the challenges and this might be your first life test or challenge GOD (whatever faith you have) has given you. Therefore, never give up. Stick to your goals, schedules and books. You can also take help from our teachers and your college teachers for guidance.

7. Always have Plan B

Last advise, I Gave him that always have plan B if anyhow you are not successful in following these above mentioned rules or you could not crack CSIR-NET exam, Do not loose hope we are here to help you and prepare for the next year CSIR-NET exam or you can also appear for other Life sciences national competitive exams like DBT, ICMR, GATE etc. simultaneously.

I told him to follow these rules strictly for coming months after that it will become his habit and they will also help him achieve any goals he sets in future. I gave him access to our study material library (e-study material) so he can visit and discuss his problems with us. He seemed confident and promised with me that he will follow these strategies from this day and also contact us at any need ( or 70157-96132 ). I smiled and wished good luck for his future. And that is how he left my office with full of confidence and hope for his future.

I wish Goodluck and success to all students who are preparing and struggling for the CSIR-NET exam preparation. If you feel anything worth discussion or face any doubts and problems regarding the exam preparation for CSIR NET JRF Life science, feel free to call us or write us”. or 70157-96132


Dr Krisha Sharma

Director and CEO

KapMan Academy

New Delhi-49


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