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IIT-JAM Biotechnology Exam Pattern & Tips for Preparation during this Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

As this is very well known that IITs are the best institutions in India to study various courses for the better future career. They are offering MSc in six fields: -

  1. Biotechnology (BT)

  2. Physics (PH)

  3. Mathematical statics(MS)

  4. Mathematics(MA)

  5. Chemistry (CY)

  6. Geology(GG)

To take admission in these post graduate courses aspirants have to appear in IIT JAM exam for particular stream in which they want to do their post graduation. This blog will help you to prepare for IIT-JAM Biotechnology / Biological sciences in this pandemic situation when all the helping coaching institutes are closed. Students are facing many issues regarding preparation of all the competitive national exams including IIT-JAM.

We receive many requests or emails from all over India daily wise from the students facing problems like what is IIT-JAM exam ? How effectively prepare for the IIT-JAM exam during the stress conditions like covid-19 Pandemic ?

Let's work upon some important tips which are important during the IIT-JAM exam preparation:-

1. Understand IIT-JAM Exam- What is need of IIT JAM exam:-

It is very important to understand the exam syllabus, pattern of IIT JAM Biotech exam and what they are expecting out of an aspirant who is appearing in the IIT-JAM exam. It is advisable to all the students who are targeting IIT-JAM for 2022 that, they should study their updated syllabus thoroughly so that they won't skip any topic.

2. Select the right stream and make study plan:-

Here we are going to discuss about IIT-JAM Biotechnology as an example. Biotechnology is one of the top emerging fields of study.

  • Where Bio stands for - Life

  • Technology defines the application and utilization of science for particular cause.

  • Many private and government sector companies are offering jobs for students postgraduate with M.Sc. Biotechnology.

We need to study the syllabus of IIT-JAM BT and divide it into:-

Strong topics

weak topics

* One should make good command over weak topics

* Start working on difficult topics . You may allocate some extra time to study strong topics.

3. Coaching institutes for IIT JAM Biotechnology are closed, What to do Now ??

-Do not panic :- We all knows that all educational institutions are closed including all helping coaching institutions for IIT JAM Biotechnology due to the Covid-19 pandemic situations. Most of the students can feel helpless, low or feared for their future.

No need to panic over this situation.

* There are number of institutes like KapMan academy who are helping students actively in this pandemic situation and offering online coaching for IIT JAM-BT or other streams also in which students can study actively and effectively from their homes.

* What you have to do is that you should scroll your fingers on your mobile or laptop and search out these authentic and safe coaching institutions who are providing online coaching for IIT JAM.

*(Do not enroll randomly in any coaching institutes because unauthentic predator's are also present in the internet world. Always confirm by calling, history of respective institute, demo class, rating, reviews and most effectively involve your parents before confirming your admission or payment).

4. Pay attention what you have studied in your online classroom of IIT JAM Biotech:-

IIT JAM question paper is designed in such a way that it gives a check to candidate's basic knowledge of subject as well as depth of it and therefore it becomes more important to go back and revise the basics you have learned in online classroom session. To revise your topics always make notes during the classes or study authentic books or study material so that in future you can study your respective topics again and again.

5. Previous year's IIT-JAM questionnaire :-

Best method of preparing at home is solving previous year's question papers for IIT JAM papers in your free time to asses your preparation. It will enlighten you on the exam pattern, and depth of questions asked. You will get idea about the difficulty level of question paper also.

6. How Many MSc Seats for IIT-JAM Biotechnology In India are present?

Seats for BT in IIT are limited therefore competition to take admission in IIT for MSC BT is increasing day by day. Also difficulty level of questions asked is raised in recent years. To compete at such level candidate need perfect strategy, they need to drown in the IIT-JAM realm study.

7. How Long and Vast is the syllabus of IIT JAM Biotechnology ?

Syllabus for BT stream is blend of different subjects like Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry. Candidates must focus on all these subjects wisely.

* Biology got 44% weightage

* Chemistry got 20% weightage

* Mathematics got 18% weightage

* Physics got 18% weightage

Biological Sciences Exam Pattern

Biotechnology Exam Pattern

So major emphasis must be given to Biology subject but also need to focus on the other subjects too.

8. Important topics from the syllabus for IIT-JAM Biotechnology :-

* Biochemistry, Recombinant DNA Technology and Molecular Biology are the most important topic of the Biology section of IIT JAM BT exam.

* Mechanics from Physics

* Co-ordinate geometry from Mathematics

* Organic Chemistry from Chemistry

These are some important topics from all the above mentioned subjects.

9. Mock test series:-

"Practice makes a man perfect" a well known proverb seems to made for these type of exams. Follow SRP rule Study, Revise and practice. Candidate must practice mock tests as much as he/she can. For this you can join online mock test series for IIT JAM Biotechnology offered by various institutes such as KapMan Academy. These are affordable and helps you to do the self assessment, mostly during the exam preparation.

10. Reference Books for IIT JAM Biotechnolgy and Study material for IIT JAM Biotechnology-

Always choose authentic study material for the IIT-JAM exam preparation. Do not study from unnecessary sources they can misguide you for the topics. There are reference books, Study material and articles are available for IIT-JAM Biotechnology exam. You can ask from any senior, Faculty or friends at any online coaching institute which can guide you perfectly.

We hope above mentioned tips for preparation of IIT-JAM Biotechnology exam will become helpful to you to study at home and clear all your confusions and doubts related to IIT-JAM exam. We wish you all the best for your 2022 IIT-JAM exam preparation, if you feel any doubts worth sharing or discussing with us feel free to comment or connect with us at or in our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You tube channel, Gmail, telegram or LinkedIn.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay focused


KapMan Academy Team




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