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Top Best and Effective Strategies to Crack IIT JAM Biotechnology and Biological Science Exam

Everyday we get so many calls and messages from the students about their problems During the IIT JAM exam preparation. One day, a student wrote to us that he is having some problems regarding his studies as follows. His name was Gaurav Kumar, he was in his graduate program in Biology subject. He wanted to pursue M.Sc. and Ph.D. from a reputed university but he was not aware of that how to enroll in reputed university and also he has another problem from his family that they can not afford for his admission and accommodation expenses for a good university.

"So, he asked us, what are the ways to get admission in good university for MSc Biotech/Life Science without any financial burden?"

We suggested him that he can pursue his studies in two way :

  1. Self finance which was not an option for him

  2. Through a fellowship in which govt. will allow him some funds for his studies.

We explained to him the second option:

To get a fellowship you have to appear for an National competitive exam which was held all over India and these exams are:



3.TIFR (integrated PhD exam)

4. IISC (integrated PhD exam)

5. All over India's prestigious Universities Entrance Exams.

We wrote back to him that he can pursue his studies by appearing and qualifying one of these exam or can try all of the exams (good rank) to get admission in one of the reputed university.

After a while he wrote us back that he had decided to appear in IIT-JAM exam and needed some guidance regarding the exam preparation. He wrote us that he is not good enough in the self study. So he wanted to join the KapMan academy IIT-JAM Biological Science/ Biotechnology and MSc entrance Exam online classroom course and also wanted to know how effectively he can prepare for the exam so that he wont have to try for another exam.

We explained him our strategy which we teach our students for IIT JAM biology and Biotechnology, during the exam preparations one by one.

1. Have faith and believe in yourself.

We advised him, first of all you should have faith in GOD (in the entity you believe most) and trust in yourself. Do not feel depressed, Sad, tensed or anxious at any time. If you feel panicked or so, stop doing everything at that time and sit in silence, take deep breaths for almost five minutes and calm your emotions. Do not overthink unnecessary negative thoughts try to block them. From this day, start your day by meditation for few minutes and say the words loudly, “you can get anything”, “you can get anything”, “you can get anything”, “you can get anything” and repeat it so on”.

3. Avoid distractions

Replace watching TV with some inspirational or motivational books such as “power of positive thinking”. Read these kinds of books and you will see yourself as new as fresh, avoid the things which distract you from studying. Your main focus should be to bring all the good energy into you.

It is also true we can not avoid our electronic devices we need them in our hour of emergency so they should be with us every time but we can stop using unnecessary distracting and disturbing social media apps. Feed your brain as much as positive, thoughtful energy you can feed. You will see the change within a day and start to study "up to your potential". Your mind is young and fragile so you need to take care what you are seeing in the social media. Follow one rule "avoids or block the negative feed".

4. Set your Goals.

You can follow above rules side wise but these days your main focus should be on the IIT-JAM exam because it is very tough and one of your set goal. So, we advised him, go to your room today and set your goal for the next coming months. Write them on the paper in large font, and pin it on your study table and stick to that goal until you accomplish it.

5. Time Management

Make schedule to your each and every topic. Study the important units first and on time. Manage your time because your “time is valuable” for the coming months, do not waste it on any unnecessary things. Read and study your IIT-JAM syllabus thoroughly.

5. Follow SRP rule.

Yes, follow SRP rule, which is STUDY, REVISION and PRACTICE. Make sure you choose right books or study material for your IIT-JAM exam (KapMan Academy e-study material or offline study package) and study thoroughly each and every topic and then asses yourself by taking tests. If you feel unsatisfied with yourself revise the topics again and practice them by taking self-assessment tests and repeat it again and again for coming months. You should know that it’s not an easy exam so you have to be determined and kind of drown yourself in the respective study realm.

6. Make the right choices.

Do not surf for the random pages on google or Wikipedia they could be distracting and not be helpful. Therefore, read from right and authentic books or research articles or use study materials for IIT JAM Biology and Biotechnology, such as provided by KapMan Academy. Do not waste your time on unnecessary google search. Avoid them as much as possible. For more help you can follow some you tube channels for your study related to IIT-JAM (KapMan Academy YouTube channel).

7. Never give up.

Keep In mind that life is always about the challenges and this might be your first life test or challenge GOD (whatever faith you have) has given you. Therefore, never give up. Stick to your goals, time schedules and books. You can also take help from our teachers and your college teachers for guidance.

8. Always have plan B

Last advise, We Gave him that always have plan B if anyhow you are not successful in following these above mentioned rules or you could not crack IIT-JAM exam, Do not lose hope we are here to help you and prepare for the next year IIT-JAM exam or you can also appear for other Life sciences national competitive exams like JNU-Biotechnology, TIFR, IISC Bangalore and other national competitive exams etc. simultaneously.

We wrote him back to follow these rules strictly for coming months after that it will become his habit and these rules will also help him achieve any goals he sets in future. We gave him access to our online e-study material library (e-study material) so he can visit and discuss his problems with us anytime. For information I told him to call us or e-mail us ( or 70157-96132) as you feel comfortable.

I wish Goodluck and success to all students who are preparing and struggling for the IIT-JAM exam preparation. If you feel anything worth discussion or face any doubts and problems regarding the exam or preparation feel free to call us or write us”. or 70157-96132

Thank You

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