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How to Crack CSIR-NET exam without joining coaching institute

As we got so many calls and messages regarding the problem and queries of the students related to exams and exam preparation, One student from Himachal Pradesh wrote to us as follows:

"Dear Sir/Madam, I am Vinod from a small town from Himachal Pradesh, completed my Graduation and post graduation from Himachal. I am interested in pursuing my further studies in biological life science research area. But the problem is I belong to a poor family which can not afford my higher education expenses. I learn about your KapMan academy from the social media and come to know that you are providing distance learning programmes for the biological life science national competitive exams which can help me to achieve my dreams to work in research field. I have chosen CSIR-NET-JRF life science exam as my goal. But the problem is as I can not join the CSIR-NET coaching course."

"Could you guide me and help me how I can crack CSIR-NET exam without coaching"?

As our first objective is to provide better education and help to struggling students, we understood his problems and decided to guide him for CSIR-NET exam without coaching. So, we wrote him back and explained him about distance learning and CSIR-Net exam.

We explained him about our distance learning programmes how it can help him during the CSIR-NET exam preparation.

  • Distance learning for CSIR NET JRF life science is like correspondence learning in which you have to study independently but we provide you study material related to your respective exam which is prepared in brief and descriptive way.

  • In Distance learning programme we will not take any classes of you but we will provide weekly doubt class sessions in which you can ask your doubts regarding the prepared topics from our respective expert faculties.

  • In distance learning we will also provide practice tests or mock tests so you can asses yourself after preparing your topics.

But as CSIR-NET exam is an national competitive exam, So distance learning won't be sufficient for the exam preparation. We explained him some strategies or tricks which he can use during his preparation.

1. Trust in yourself

Always stay motivated, inspired and loudly say to yourself that you will achieve your goal repeat it every morning and every night before going to sleep many times. Keep it in your mind that "nothing is impossible".

2. Set goals and Time boxing

Set CSIR-NET exam as one of your goal for the coming months. Write your goal on a paper and pin it to your study table. Do time boxing, manage your time for for next coming months. Read your topics in the given time, asses yourself each day for your completed topics. Completes your topics within given time and revise them as much as possible. Stick to your goals for each and every day.

3. SRP rule

Study, Revise and practice . Follow this rule for the coming months and stick to it. Do not skip your daily routine for the study. Read authentic books and study material. Avoid unnecessary reading sources on the internet.

4. Avoid distractions

For coming time avoid social media and TV because they distract you and waste your time with unnecessary scrolling. Because at this age students are very fragile and affects them very easily. So, avoid them as much as you can, it is the main factor which distract the students from study most of the time.

5. Do not hesitate to ask

Never hesitate to ask for help. Most of the time students face fear of expressing their doubts and because of that when they appear in exam they were not able to answer correctly. Therefore, always seek help if you feel stuck in any topics. Our teachers will always help you in your time of need. Therefore, we conduct doubt sessions weekly or monthly for students.

6. Never give up

Always have faith in yourself and never give up. Always try, try and try never stop trying. read your books and study hard for your goal. Follow the SRP rule, study hard and drown yourself into the study realm. Always seek for help. Stay motivated and trust yourself.

7. Exam hall tips

Most of the times when students enters the CSIR NET JRF life science exam hall they get tensed and stressed because of that their mind become blank. They forgot everything they had studied during their preparation. Because of that panic condition their exam does not go well and become more reason for depression and stress. To avoid exam hall tension or fear always stay motivated and start your exam with calm mind. As your mind will be in calm state it will think in right way and you will be able to answer the questions correctly. Practice mediation to stay focused on your study during exam as well as during preparation.

8. Plan B

Never think that if you can not crack one exam then you can not crack any other exam. For research there are other exams like ICMR, DBT, and GATE. So, if any how you will not be able to crack CSIR-NET life science and biotechnology exams. Appear in other exams like ICMR, DBT, and GATE food technology, biotechnology and life science. Because syllabus for these exams is also more or less similar.

We hope that all the students around all over India follow these tips and become successful in their goals. KapMan academy is always happy to help related to any exam preparation, with this we wish Goodluck to all students who are preparing for exams.


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