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Problems Students Face While Preparing for CSIR NET JRF Life Science exam in online mode

Updated: Oct 16, 2020 or 70157-96132

One day in afternoon, I was doing my routine check in my classrooms at KapMan academy and then one student (Sakshi) from behind came and said that, Sir I am worrying about my future, I do not know what I am doing here? She seemed tensed and panicked so much that she was talking without any pause. For a moment I was stunned, and listened to her words then I stopped her for a moment. I told her please calm down, have some water first and then come to my office where we can sit and talk about your worries. She agreed and came to my office after five minutes. I asked her to sit on the chair in front of me. I gave her time to settle and offered more water to drink. She said, she already had enough and started to say sorry about her earlier behavior in the corridor. I replied, it’s okay don’t worry about that. But I asked her what caused her that much panic. I need to go to root cause, So I insisted please tell me why are you worried about your future?

She said, “Sir I am studying for CSIR NET exam from three months but I do not feel any difference, I do not remember anything, I do not able to score in practice tests, I feel like I cannot clear this exam it’s too much for me”.

I asked her about her daily routine and about family what they think of her this decision (Joining KapMan Academy, South extension part II, New Delhi 110049)?

She replied, my parents see me during my online lectures and they felt KapMan academy is good for CSIR NET JRF coaching and they believe in me that I can clear this exam because they already had taken care of me since childhood. But when she told me about her routine, I found it bit of distracting.

She told me briefly she gets up in morning at 8 O’clock, then do her breakfast. Watch news on TV and also look into her social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). Then after that at 11:00 a.m. she goes to her room and start to study her topics related to CSIR-NET exam for almost 2 hours. Then she attends KapMan online coaching classes for 2-3 Hours and feel tired so sleep for some time. She then again get up in evening and start studying in night after dinner for 2 hours or more and sleep again.

Interrupting her while she telling this all, I asked while you study, do you look into your phone or you put your phone away from ?

She replied, no sir phone stays always with me all the time because I have to track classes schedule and other doubts as well.

Second, I questioned her what you see in your social media posts daily? Could you show me randomly if you feel comfortable ?

She said, mostly I see my friends posts and also some random pages posts which I follow. I asked her what kind of pages you follow? She looked at me strangely and hesitatively asked, why sir why is you asking about my social media that has nothing to do with my study.

I knew that she is about to ask this question so, I explained her very carefully and briefly, that our body works the way as we treat her. If you eat wrong foods which can harm your body definitely one day you will get sick with some disease. If you eat healthy foods then you will feel healthy all the time and live for long time. Our mind works the same way we feed him like our thoughts and readings. If we feed him negative thoughts, bad energy and reads negative and depressive posts on social media or watch TV channels which most of the time give depressing news then it also behaves or feels negative all the time. That is why I asked you what kind of feed you are giving to your brain?

She thought for a second, I gave her time to check her social media to analyze her feeds which she has been following from months.

After a while she accepted and answered in affirmation, yes..! Her feeds were all about negative thoughts and sad emotions.

Now she also showed some feeds to me without any hesitation.

"May be this is the reason I was being so negative about myself; I lost my potential and confidence towards study since I had started to use the social media" she answered.

Then she asked the question "what she should do to crack the CSIR NET JRF while in touch of social media? "

"Its true that you can not stay away from your phone or laptop but you need to control some of your emotions. I can tell you some tricks for how to control yourself and then you can feel like old self which you were in your old days"

And I also explained her that the time she is giving to her preparation is not enough. As we all know that CSIR-NET is not an easy exam to crack so its needs lots of energy and lots of determination.

"As you already had studied for three months here and regularly attending the csir net coaching classes, it won’t be tough to get you into an organized rhythm. You need a little push, motivation, more determination, a great strategy for the CSIR-NET exam and continuous support of your teacher’s as well as your parents"

So, I instructed her that listen to me carefully I am going to tell you some important tricks or you can say strategy for your coming CSIR -NET exam, so you need to be focused on what I am about to say. She waved her head in yes and waited for me to start talking again.

Then I asked her again, “if I give you some guidance and advice regarding the CSIR-NET exam preparation would you follow that for your coming months strictly?”

She said yes, I will follow your instructions and started listened to me carefully. So, I advised her with some great helpful strategies for the CSIR-NET-JRF exam which I usually advice my students in the KapMan Academy before appearing in the CSIR-NET exams every year.

  1. Have faith and believe in yourself- I advised her, first of all you should have faith in GOD (in the entity you believe most) and trust in yourself. Do not feel depressed, Sad, tensed or anxious at any time. If you feel panicked or so, stop doing everything at that time and sit in silence, take deep breaths for almost five minutes and calm your emotions. Do not overthink unnecessary negative thoughts try to block them. From this day, start your day by meditation for few minutes and say the words loudly, “you can accomplish anything”, “you can accomplish anything”, “you can accomplish anything”, “you can accomplish anything” and repeat it so on”.

  2. Change your social media feed- It is true we can not avoid our electronic devices we need them in our hour of emergency so they should be with us every time but we can change the social media feed by just following some inspirational and motivational pages. Feed your brain as much as positive, thoughtful energy you can feed. You will see the change within a day and start to study up to your potential. Your mind is young and fragile so you need to take what you are seeing in the social media. One rule avoids or block the negative feed.

  3. Replace TV channel with some motivational books-Instead of watching TV in the morning read some inspirational or motivational books such as “power of positive thinking”. Read these kinds of books and you will see yourself as new as fresh, avoid the things which distract you from studying. Your main focus should be to bring all the good energy into you.

  4. Set your Goal- You can follow above rules side wise but these days your main focus should be on the CSIR-NET exam because it is very close and one of your goal.

  5. Follow SRP rule- Yes, follow SRP rule, which is STUDY, REVISION and PRACTICE. Make sure you choose right books or study material for your GATE exam (KapMan Academy e-study material or offline study material for csir net jrf and study very thoroughly each and every topic and then asses yourself by taking online mock test series for csir net. If you feel unsatisfied with yourself revise the topics again and practice them by taking self-assessment tests and repeat it again and again for coming months.

  6. Make the right choices-Do not surf for the random pages on google or Wikipedia they could be distracting and not be helpful. Therefore, read from right and authentic books or research articles or use study materials for csir net jrf life science

  7. Do not waste your time on unnecessary google search. Avoid them as much as possible. For more help you can follow some you tube channels for your study related to CSIR-NET (KapMan Academy YouTube channel).

  8. Never give up-Keep In mind that life is always about the challenges and this might be your first life test or challenge GOD (whatever faith you have) has given you. Therefore, never give up. Stick to your goals, time schedules and books. You can also take help from our teachers and your college teachers for guidance.

  9. Always have plan B-Last advise, I Gave her that always have plan B if anyhow you are not successful in following these above mentioned rules or you could not crack CSIR-NET exam, Do not lose hope, we are here to help you enroll yourself here and prepare for the next year CSIR-NET exam or you can also appear for other Life sciences national competitive exams like GATE,DBT,ICMR etc. simultaneously.

So, I advised her, go to your home today and set your goal for the next three coming months. Write them on the paper in large font, and pin it on your study table and stick to that goal until you accomplish it. Read and study your CSIR-NET syllabus. Make schedule to your each and every topic. Study the important units first (blog) and on time. Manage your time because your “time is valuable” for the coming months, do not waste it on any unnecessary things.

I told her to follow these rules strictly for three months after that it will become her habit and these rules will also help her achieve any goals she sets in future. I gave her access to our study material library (e-study material) so she can visit and discuss her problems with us anytime.

She seemed confident and motivated for a while. She promised with me that she will follow these strategies from this day and would contact us at 70157-96132 once she cleared the CSIR-NET exam.

I smiled and wished good luck for her future. And that is how she left my office with full of confidence and hope for her future.

I wish Good luck and success to all students who are preparing and struggling for the CSIR-NET JRF life science exam preparation. If you feel anything worth discussion or face any doubts and problems regarding the exam or preparation feel free to call us or write us”. or 70157-96132


Manpreet Sir,

Senior Faculty

KapMan Academy


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